21 February 2009

Chris Buttars

Sen. Chris Buttars' recent comments are only further evidence of what he had already openly displayed, that he is a man of great prejudice and hatred for anyone different than himself, much like that of Adolf Hitler. His hate grows with his perceived power to spread it, and it is time for his peers and superiors, if not his constituents, to demand his resignation, before he does any more damage.

Words matter. As an elected official, Sen. Buttars' words set an example for the public. It is irresponsible in the extreme for him to spread lies using abusive language -- "they're the meanest buggers I've ever seen" -- that disparages people with whom he disagrees. Worth noting is that innocent people blindly attacked, finding themselves in the position of defending themselves against lies and bullying, are often viewed as what their attackers would call "mean."

These remarks are especially troubling in light of the growing danger of hate violence against LGBT Americans. As one of Utah's leading public servants, you have a responsibility to the safety and well-being of your citizens. I strongly urge you to take punitive action against Sen. Buttars' mean-spirited rhetoric.

I am gay. I have done nothing to anyone and obey both God and this country as solidly as anyone else, including Chris Buttars. I take this very, very personally.